Saturday, September 19, 2009

Welcome to My Blog. Let Me Introduce Myself:

Hello, I’m Liz Mandeville. For more than two decades, I have been a Diva in the true sense of the word: I am a classically trained singer with a BA in Music, I am also an award winning songwriter, critically heralded guitarist, entertainer & wit.
A reviewer once wrote this about me:

“Liz is all about politics, sexual politics, that is!”

I am the mother of four, all original, internationally acclaimed CD’s. My latest, Red Top, was number 3 in the Roots-time Radio Charts, that is, satellite internet, & regular AM/FM radio DJ’s reporting from stations all over the world. To give you an idea of what that means, Wynton Marsalis & Willie Nelson’s CD was number 1, Sonny Landreth was number 2 & Liz Mandeville was number 3. Red Top stayed in the Top 20 for over 20 weeks!

The music I write, which draws on all elements of American music from Blues to Soul to Rock & Roll, holds frank observations & true feeling that prompted one woman to visit my regular Friday night Chicago gig all the way from Hartford Connecticut. Why? She wanted to thank me for helping her thru her recent divorce. Here's what she said to me:

“I have all 4 of your CD’s,” she said, “I couldn’t have made it without you!”

Because of my music I’ve traveled the globe, & criss-crossed the continent many times, but performing is just one facet of my experience. I’m absorbing style & culture, eating great food, meeting the people & making friends; gathering wisdom from the stories they've shared. It’s amazing what a woman will tell you standing next to you at the mirror in the ladies room! I have a unique vantage point on stage; who's doing what to whom & how it’s working out. Based on these years of first hand observation, & knowledge gained by living, I’ve decided to launch this blog.

Women are always asking me why? Why did that no good so & so do me that way? Why do I feel like I need a whole life make-over? Why can't I figure out what to do about my kids, my love life, my wardrobe? Why can't I figure out what to make for dinner? Why is my body acting this strange way?
Then they ask me how? How did you make that great cassolett? How'd you get to Paris again in a recession? How did you know exactly what I needed to hear when that happened? How come you're always so damn happy? How do I do that? What do I need to know to live like a FABULOUS DIVA too?!?! I will tell you all these things and MORE!

I am not a doctor or a dietician or a psychiatrist, but I am a deep thinker & a Wise Woman. I'm not embarrassed to say I'm a grown woman in my fullness & I know lots about lots! I read, research, listen, study & try to get better every day. As a self proclaimed “smarty-pants-know-it-all”, Renaissance woman & liver of the good life, I’ll share with you my tips & tricks for living a fabulous life & enjoying the ride. Recipies, music, romance, health & beauty, fashion, books, people & places you should know, travel, reasaurants, links, smart & dumb moves, staying inspired, we’ll tackle them all; Life is a piece of cake, honey. Bon Appetite!

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