Sunday, August 29, 2010

To Be Fabulously Sexy Be Prepared!!

Are you looking for love? Craving romance? Itching for some one to do the horizontal dance?

Then is pays to be prepared!!

My girlfriend, "the Lovely" Mary V, always looks delectable. She's fit and trim. Shes always dressed in a cute, stylish outfit.

So I asked her, "Mary, how do you stay motivated to always look like a fabulous dessert?"
She said "Liz, sex is very important to me so I want to be ready. I always want to look great - even naked!"

That got me thinking. She's right! Maybe looking great for a lover later is better than a chocolate croissant now? If you're in good shape you won't be worrying about the wrong things jiggling when you're getting busy. Endurance built on the jogging track translates to other areas and flexibility can equal fun! Maybe that extra ten minutes on the elliptical, that religiously attended yoga class, that extra set on the total gym is the prerequisite to a romp that will rock your block! Find an exercise that fits your life and stick with it. You'll find you not only become more fit, you'll improve your mood.

There's something to be said for delayed gratification, thinking ahead pays dividends! Next time you're tempted to hit the drive thru or soothe yourself with Krispy-Cremes think of my mantra:

Nothing tastes as good as size 6 feels.
(fill in your own perfect size, of course)

There is a wonderful book by Jill Conner Browne, "The Sweet Potato Queens Book of Love."
Jill really tells it like it is! Among her sisterly advice is something like: you never know when love will come along so always shave your legs & wear nice underwear. In other words, be prepared.

That got me thinking. If the perfect person comes along, the sparks are flying & the moment seems right, but you happen to be wearing a pair of undies from the 7th grade, you neglected to shave, you last purchased new sheets in 1992 and your apartment smells like a wet dog,


How to begin the process of becoming delicious? Start by being a lover to yourself. Take a good look in the mirror, would you like to date you? If you're not making the A list, it's not too late to start loving yourself to Fabulosity!

We already covered the "get your butt off the couch & start moving" part. So you're more attractive with your clothes on. Now what if you had to take them off?
The first thing you're potential mate would see is your undies. Be honest, what's in your top drawer? If the true answer is shapeless, old, grey shorts full of spots, holes & skid-marks, it's time to throw that stuff in the rag bin! Take yourself shopping for something that makes you feel sexy when you put them on.

When you feel sexy you are more confident & a confident person is just HOT.

Whether you're a man or a woman, old or young, if you want to be loved you must be lovable and like it or not looks count! Take care of yourself like you would someone you're crazy about! Buy yourself some 300+ thread count sheets, even if it's just you in that bed you'll feel loved.

Keep your hair styled, your clothes fresh and up to date, your sprouts plucked, your ears clean. Brush & floss. Spending this time on yourself isn't selfish it's a public service!

You may be saying, "Liz, you're married. Why do you need to think about love?"
And I say "Hello!?! How do you think I got this way? Plus, I want to keep having a steamy romance with my hunky husband!!"

Marriage doesn't have to mean the death of sex and the adding of padding. In fact it's those things that lead to cheating and divorce! While my husband is deployed I'm taking my own advice, shaping up for the next time we're together. At least 5 times a week I'm riding a stationary bike while watching TV or walking in the neighborhood fast enough to work up a sweat. Sometimes I add yoga or resistance bands.

I'm halfway to my goal weight, having dropped 14 pounds. I'm getting rid of my fat clothes and rewarding myself with lacy lingerie and new threads. Short term mid range & long term goals help me stay focused. If I can do it you can too. Then when love comes to town you'll be ready, you'll be more than ready, you'll be fabulous!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It Takes 10,000 Hours To Be Truely Fabulous!!

It’s been said that to be truly great at something you need to invest ten thousand hours in doing it. After that magic number something changes & you become a master. Hopefully there are the incremental improvements that give you hope to keep putting in the time & working at your chosen craft.

In the 80’s I decided I wanted to be an authentic blues singer. With that aim in mind I began a process that easily has involved ten thousand hours, 100 thousand miles, thousands of dollars, not to mention my personal identity.

I’ve always been highly motivated if not disciplined and I’ve never been able to resist a challenge. It came the night my boyfriend came home from his gig & announced that the band was breaking up because the lead singer had quit.

I’ll be the singer.” I said

And he laughed at me. “You?" He said "You sing like Robert Goulet. You have no soul, you dress like a clown & nobody will ever take you seriously because when you sing you shake your hips & make too many facial expressions.”

What?” I said, nonplussed, “I sing like who?”

Robert Goulet. You sing too pretty to be a blues singer. Your voice is too high, no grit.”

Well, who is a great blues singer?” I asked.

He said “Look at my record collection.” He’d already given up on me. I was just getting started.

I am not only going to be a great blues singer, I’m going to be the best dam blues singer of my generation!” I declared, with God as my witness, as my boyfriend had already tuned me out.

So I went to his record collection. It had great LPs by Jimmie Reed, Otis Redding, Muddy Waters, Slim Harpo, Little Walter, Wilson Pickett, BB, pretty much all male voices. Jimmy Vaughn was once asked who he’d listened to for his chops, he replied “…all the Littles, all the Juniors & all the Kings”. That was me. I made tapes & walked around with headphones on 24/7 absorbing this music like a sponge and practicing until I could sing all the tunes in their original keys, lick for lick.

Some of my favorite singing came from Little Junior Parker and Al Green. I loved the juicy suggestiveness of Muddy Waters, the conviction of my first hero, Tina Turner, the begging of Tyrone Davis. I learned about rhythm from James Brown. My favorite was a wonderful singer from Memphis: Big Maybelle. Her hip shakin’ music blended blues & Jazz, perfect tone, humor, wit & playfulness with flawless phrasing.

I absorbed those qualities, and the best of every player I studied, learning whole songbooks of the artists I admired. I listened to guitarists & horn players to get their licks too. As I put in all those hours stomping the stage & running up & down the road, all those folks I’d studied blended in my heart & mind. Now, after so many years it sounds like me.