Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How To Walk In High Heels, Like the Fabulous Tina Turner!!

I learned a lot from Tina Turner. She has always been my idol, from her incredible singing style to her story of triumph to her amazing fashion sense. This is a woman who is never seen in public in less than 4"heels and she’s usually dancing in them!

Question: How is it that Tina Turner and indeed millions of women of my mother’s generation wore high heels every day?
Answer: They knew a few simple tricks, which I am here to share with you!!

First, you have to pick the right shoe. Look for a pump that’s not too pointy in the toe and has a flat heel bed. This assures you’re distributing your weight on your whole foot, not tiptoeing around all night.

TIP!! Even if you absolutely love the shoe, if the vamp rises at more than a 45 degree angle, or if the toe is pointed to less than 45 degrees, by wearing them you are begging for a bunion! Not chic or cheap! Put the shoe down and walk away, these are what Steve Martin has dubbed “the cruel shoes!” Fredrick’s of Hollywood’s catalogue is full of this type of shoe, which were never meant for public consumption or even for walking from the restaurant to the car. Buy these shoes only if you plan to be lying down while wearing them.

While the right heel can lengthen your leg, adjust your torso to a more flattering group of curves and give you a psychological edge, wearing heels can also make your feet swell. This isn’t sexy and can cause you to mince around announcing to the world that your feet hurt. A good rule of thumb is to buy a half size larger than you ordinarily wear. They make those little pads you can insert to cushion the ball of your foot, nice if you intend to do more than just “be seen” in your shoes.

If you’re worried about pulling off a stiletto heel you’re in luck since platform shoes continue to be fashionable. Wedgies will give you the height along with added support in the arch and are great for summer. Some non-wedge models come with a bit of platform in the front so you’re not actually teetering on 4 inches of high heel, it just looks that way.

Now that you have your hot shoe of choice, slip it on and do some at home practicing.
Here's how it's done:
1) Bend your knees.
2) Lean back.
3) Put all your weight on your thighs and tushie.
These are your biological shock absorbers which will look even better after “the high heel workout” starts toning them up!
4) Watch where you’re stepping and glide forward shifting your weight from thigh to thigh.
This will give you an attractive and ultra feminine wiggle to your walk and keep you from twisting your ankle or falling over.

What not to do:
1) Never lean forward from the waist while walking in heels, it’ll put you off balance and you’ll be running to catch up with yourself.
2) Never walk without looking where you're going!
3) Remember, this is not a time for texting, fretting or phoning. It’s hard to look chic in a cast or an ace bandage.
Once you’ve mastered these simple guidelines you’re ready to take it masses. Relax and take your time, enjoy your strut honey, revel in your womanliness and know that others are enjoying you too!